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Prompt-to-Prompt Image Editing with Cross Attention Control in Stable Diffusion


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u/Ath47 Sep 10 '22

This is awesome. I love that the background in the first pic is blurred according to how big the animal is, because this is accurate to what a camera would do. The mouse is small, close to the camera, so short focus and blurry background. Cat is a bit less blurry, then dog, then no blur for tiger because camera is further back and there's a longer focal plane. Just super interesting that it "knows" to do this.


u/bloc97 Sep 10 '22

I like to think that most photos of tigers would be probably taken from very very far away, but you're right! I was first really surprised at this result too. Whether this is a curse or a blessing is still up to debate, as it's one of the reasons of the unpredictability and lack of control for most LLI models.


u/TiagoTiagoT Sep 10 '22

Could the depth of field/scale be explicitly defined to avoid the AI just going for the most likely?