r/StableDiffusion Sep 11 '22

A better (?) way of doing img2img by finding the noise which reconstructs the original image Img2Img

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u/entrep Sep 11 '22


u/kaliber91 Sep 11 '22

Is there a simple way to update to from the previous version to the newest on PC, or do we need to go through the installation process from the start?


u/-takeyourmeds Sep 12 '22

literally download the repo zip and extract on the main folder, say yes to overwrite all


u/Limitlez Sep 12 '22

Were you able to figure out how to use the script in webui? I was able to run it, but could never find the seed.


u/Dogmaster Sep 11 '22

You can use a tool like beyond compare, check both folders and just merge the files changed form the old revision

I use that for "updating" my working repos


u/kaliber91 Sep 11 '22

thanks, worked


u/ExponentialCookie Sep 11 '22

On Linux, a simple git pull in the install directory works for me. I can't speak on Windows install.


u/justhitmidlife Sep 12 '22

Should work on windows as well.


u/an0maly33 Sep 12 '22

Yep, just git pull on windows as well, assuming one cloned the repo initially.


u/jonesaid Sep 12 '22

I can't wait to try this! Now, just gotta get Automatic's repo working without CUDA OOM errors...


u/Scriptman777 Sep 13 '22

You can try to add the --medvram parameter or even the low one. It will be a lot slower, but it work with MUCH less VRAM. Also try to keep the images small.


u/jonesaid Sep 13 '22

Yeah, I tried that, and it was about 2x slower. I think I had a package issue (maybe with PyTorch) that was causing the oom problems. Once I fixed that, automatic's repo worked without the optimizations.