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A better (?) way of doing img2img by finding the noise which reconstructs the original image Img2Img

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u/GuavaDull8974 Sep 11 '22

This is spectacular! I made feature request for it already on webui, you think you can produce actualy working comit for it ?



u/redboundary Sep 11 '22

Isn't it the same as setting "masked content" to original in the img2img settings?


u/animemosquito Sep 11 '22

no, this is finding which "seed" basically would lead to SD generating the original image, so that you are able to modify it in less destructive ways.


u/MattRix Sep 11 '22

yep exactly! Though to be somewhat pedantic it’s not the seed, it’s the noise itself.


u/animemosquito Sep 11 '22

Yeah that's a good distinction to make, I'm trying to make it accessible and less complicated, but it's important to make the distinction that the seed is what is used to produce the initial noise, which is used to diffuse / iterate on to get to a final product


u/Trainraider Sep 12 '22

It's a really important distinction because there's a lot more potential entropy in the noise than in the seed. There may be a noise pattern that results in the image, but there probably isn't a seed that makes that specific noise pattern.


u/[deleted] Sep 12 '22

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u/ldb477 Sep 14 '22

That’s at least double


u/Lirezh Sep 15 '22

he regular

There might be countless noise patterns in math but not in reality. The vast majority of those patterns will certainly result in identical result images which is also true for the 2^32 seed variations.
A lot of them are probably going to show the same result.