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A better (?) way of doing img2img by finding the noise which reconstructs the original image Img2Img

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u/sassydodo Sep 11 '22

yeah, I'd go with auto's version, but hlky has got all the fancy upscalers like GoBIG and also it doesn't crash as much as auto's. Tho Im still on auto's friday version, so it might have been fixed already.


u/halr9000 Sep 11 '22

Hlky is switching to atreamlit but seems features are still going into both branches. GoBig is sweet! I think auto added similar called sd-upscale but I haven't tried it yet.


u/AUTOMATIC1111 Sep 12 '22

I added sd upscale and afterwards hlky specifically copied my code of sd upscale code and added it as gobig


u/StickiStickman Sep 12 '22

But why change the name then? Huh.


u/th3Raziel Sep 12 '22

I changed the name to GoBig as it's the original name for this approach.


u/AUTOMATIC1111 Sep 12 '22

To make it less obvious to user that he copied it.


u/halr9000 Sep 12 '22

Well, if true that's not cool. Should be relatively easy to prove by looking at commits. But the UIs are definitely diverging, so there's original work being done to some extent. Sorry if there's some bad behavior going on though.


u/Itsalwayssummerbitch Sep 12 '22

It's funny you mention the commits, they DO seem to tell a different story. The funniest of which is that the code Automatic111 used for the sdupscale was originally called "text2imagehd", and a port of someone else's work, which was called GoBig :)

https://github.com/jquesnelle/txt2imghd The link was literally in the Auto's code's comments.

Seriously though, ffs, this is open source, can we not just be decent humans and work together? I don't get all this drama, it's not Middle school 🙃


u/AUTOMATIC1111 Sep 12 '22

i credit the person who made txt2imghd both in comments and in the main readme in credits section for the idea.

I also did not take a single line of his code.

The decision to not work with me was on hlky, he was the one who forked my repo.

You're free to link the different story in commits because I do not see it.


u/Itsalwayssummerbitch Sep 12 '22

I'm not trying to say that anything you did was malicious, I'm more suggesting that you're attributing malice to normal human impatience. If hlky wanted to make a fork of an open source project, that's not exactly a bad thing per say since it gives them autonomy to mess around with features without screwing up your codebase.

The txt2imagehd part was more to show that there was no intention to mislead with GoBig, they just used a different source for the code than you did, that's all.


u/AUTOMATIC1111 Sep 12 '22

I know they specifically copied my code because I inspected it after hlky announced that he added his gobig. My code is drastically different from original poster's.

You tell me that we must act like decent humans ad cooperate, I show you how the refusal to cooperate was entirely on hlky, and your response now that it's entirely normal to not cooperate.

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u/StretchElectrical288 Oct 10 '22

any way to support your work?