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A better (?) way of doing img2img by finding the noise which reconstructs the original image Img2Img

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u/AUTOMATIC1111 Sep 12 '22

I know they specifically copied my code because I inspected it after hlky announced that he added his gobig. My code is drastically different from original poster's.

You tell me that we must act like decent humans ad cooperate, I show you how the refusal to cooperate was entirely on hlky, and your response now that it's entirely normal to not cooperate.


u/Jolly_Resource4593 Sep 12 '22

In any case thanks a lot for the great work you are giving to the community!


u/Itsalwayssummerbitch Sep 12 '22

Luckily I'm just a third party that's interested in the development of SD, so I don't give two shits2images what happens to either of you.

I apologize o' Lord all auto-mighty for saying my point of view in this matter, I shall stay on the sidelines and pray that the world doesn't end before me because of questionable GitHub etiquette -_-


u/AUTOMATIC1111 Sep 12 '22

There was absolutely no necessity for you to write about me the way you did.


u/halr9000 Sep 12 '22

Dunno, it was kinda funny when reading the whole thread at once! :D

Hey auto, I super appreciate what you do!