r/StableDiffusion Sep 11 '22

A better (?) way of doing img2img by finding the noise which reconstructs the original image Img2Img

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u/sassydodo Sep 11 '22

yeah, I'd go with auto's version, but hlky has got all the fancy upscalers like GoBIG and also it doesn't crash as much as auto's. Tho Im still on auto's friday version, so it might have been fixed already.


u/halr9000 Sep 11 '22

Hlky is switching to atreamlit but seems features are still going into both branches. GoBig is sweet! I think auto added similar called sd-upscale but I haven't tried it yet.


u/AUTOMATIC1111 Sep 12 '22

I added sd upscale and afterwards hlky specifically copied my code of sd upscale code and added it as gobig


u/th3Raziel Sep 12 '22

I just want to say HLKY himself didn't do it, I did, I saw your implementation and used it (and txt2imghd) as the base for GoBig in the hlky fork, I'm not sure why is this so forbidden as large parts of the hlky fork is already copied code from your repo so I didn't even think twice about utilizing it.

I also added LDSR to the hlky fork which I modified from the original repo and created the image lab tab etc.

To be clear, I'd rather add stuff to your repo but I approached you on the SD discord and you said you'll likely not merge PRs that aren't made by you and that originally hlky PR'd a feature to your repo which you rejected which in turn prompted him to make his own fork.

It's too bad there's all this useless drama around the different UIs, it just creates a lot of confusion.


u/AUTOMATIC1111 Sep 12 '22

If I'm remembering correctly, I said that I won't accept big reworks unless we decide on them beforehand. I'm accepting a fair amount of code from different people.

The 'feature' I rejected was a change that would save all pictures in jpeg format for everyone.