r/StableDiffusion Sep 11 '22

A better (?) way of doing img2img by finding the noise which reconstructs the original image Img2Img

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u/Plopdopdoop Sep 13 '22 edited Sep 14 '22

So when I try those settings the output isn't anything close, like not even recognizable objects in the resulting image (original being 'picture of man wearing a read shirt').


u/jonesaid Sep 13 '22

It seems to be very sensitive to decode cfg and decode steps. I use decode cfg at about 2, and decode steps from 35-50. Make sure regular cfg is about 2 too.


u/BeanieBytes Sep 14 '22

I'm also getting this issue. does my denoising strength need to be altered?


u/Breadisgood4eat Sep 14 '22

I had an older install and just copied this new repo over the top and was getting the same issue. I reinstalled from scratch and now it's working.