r/StableDiffusion Sep 11 '22

A better (?) way of doing img2img by finding the noise which reconstructs the original image Img2Img

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u/sassydodo Sep 11 '22

You should summon hlky and automatic in this thread or either do pull request on this into their webUIs repos - that would be much better from user experience side

I think I've seen some work in either hlky or auto's repo that mentioned cross attention control


u/MarvelsMidnightMoms Sep 11 '22

Automatic1111 has been so on the ball with updates to his fork these past 2 weeks+. Just today he added "Interrogate" in his img2img tab, which is img2prompt.

Yesterday, or the day before, he added prompt "presets" to save time on retyping your most commonly used terms.

Hlky's activity has died down quite a bit which is a bit unfortunate. His was the first webui fork that I tried.


u/manueslapera Sep 13 '22

that's a shame, Id rather manage a python environment (hlky ui) than having to install .net just to use automatic's